A Welcome from The Organizers

Thank you for choosing to spend some time here.

Some of the stuff that you read over the next week is going to be difficult.  It is going to challenge every single thing you have ever believed.  You might feel defensive. You might think “oh, people have been parenting my way forever and they all turned out fine”.  Sadly, that is not true.

The United States has some of the highest rates of cancer, diabetes, depression, anxiety- and more- in the world, and we are unique in the way we treat our babies.

None of us organizers understood this before we had our own children.  Having a baby made us question everything, and we started to research.  The more we learned the  more we understood that it is not surprising that our country is broken.  So much of who we are is established by the way we are treated as babies; experiences like how we are fed, whether our needs are met, if our cries are tended to and where we sleep all determine our life-long health.

For this next week, we ask you to put down your guard.  To trust that what we are telling you is not based in a hidden ulterior motive.  We ask you to believe that we are a group of bloggers who have devoted much of our lives to spreading this message (without financial compensation) because we want our nation to heal and for babies to be comforted.  We want our fellow Americans to remove the barriers that the mainstream has put between them and their children.

We believe that in the not so distant future those who now say “to each their own” or “but there is no research to support that cry it out is harmful” will look silly- as many who have held onto antiquated beliefs in previous generations have.  There is a shift happening and it is not because of politics or policy.  The adoption of believing that all babies are good and deserving of our utmost effort is happening for one reason: people are stepping up to say “please reconsider”.

So stick with us.  If you get mad or sad or confused, please come to one of our facebook pages or send us an e mail.  We will be with you through it all to support you in any way you need.  We have all been there.

If you choose to be open to receiving this information, so what? Who will know?  When this is all over you can pretend you never even read it.  Or, it can make your thirst for more information so great that you will search for the rest of your life.

We are so glad that you are here and look forward to spending this week together.

Jennifer Andersen, Amy Brown, L.R. Knost, Jennifer McGrail, Kimberley Price and Abby Theuring


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