Fussing for a Reason

Sometimes it seems Sofia (19 mos.) is fussy and nursing excessively or restlessly for no reason at all.   I start to get frustrated.  Sometimes it even seems she is trying to be manipulative.  But, EVERY TIME it turns out there was a reason for the fussing.
Tonight, at about 7:00 pm, while I tried to make myself something to eat and clean up the kitchen, Sofia started saying “pee-pee” and signing potty. But when we got to the potty she shook her head no and signed milky milky.  So we sat down and she nursed a bit.  When I went back to work in the kitchen she said pee-pee and signed potty again only to shake her head no and sign milky, milky.  After 3 or 4 times of this I started to get pretty frustrated and said something insensitive like, “I don’t like this game!  You can wait a few minutes for milky.”  Sofia got a bit more fussy.  Then she said pee-pee again and started pushing out a hard poop!  After pooping she was totally fine.  She played nicely and was quite silly.  She didn’t ask to nurse again until 9:15 pm when she climbed into her sleeping bag, asked for a pillow and blanket, signed “milky” then nursed and fell asleep.
She is fussing for a reason.  It may be a bad poop, a cold coming on, hives or a whole bunch of teeth coming in but it is an actual reason and she is not trying to manipulate me...she just needs me!

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