It’s Not Your Circum-decision

Sometimes, I just want to walk away from the whole subject. I often wonder why its relevant to me, I  didn’t circumcise my son. I hate seeing the pictures of bloody genitals and screaming babies getting circed. That’s one of the reasons I didn’t do it to my kid, that shit is horrible. And yet here I am, typing away, joining advocacy groups, talking to expectant mothers, I’m sure I’ll be “carding” before too long.
I spend so many hours reading articles and thready blogs… the things I read… One woman basically said that she would do it just because she can. Another that she would circ her daughter if she had a foreskin. These women despise me. They won’t take any information because they have been convinced by culture and misinformation that the penis their husband has is the newest and best model. Don’t even get me started on the machoism of the men’s psychology. These women won’t listen to me. But how can I expect them to listen to the judgey Internet blogger mom, when they don’t listen to screams of their newborns strapped on the circumcision table?
I’m despaired, absolutely despaired.
I must have a voice for these babies. I must TRY. Circumcision is just wrong. It is just one of those things in life that doesn’t have two sides to it.
It is not your decision. What’s the decision anyway?
To mutilate, or not to mutilate?
To cut my child’s penis, or not cut off parts of my child’s genitalia?
There are no benefits,  it’s cosmetic in nature, very painful, traumatizing and cruel, therefore not a choice. You have no right to do that to a child, and your child the right not to suffer such a terrible injustice.
If you have not researched this, you should. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, why circumcision has no benefits, is inherently damaging and dangerous, that there is no reasonable argument for circumcision, or how the procedure is performed you should obtain this info at once! Ask us, we will gladly tell you what a circumcision table is. Get educated! There’s great FB groups dedicated to this subject, we will happily direct you there.
I don’t understand women who are educated about the subject and still do this to their babies.
Its even harder when they are your friends. I can’t look at people the same. Its not something I can even begin to relate to. Are we on the same universe? How does the same information hit both of our senses and lead us to such different actions? It’s a loss of respect, a disappointment and it has hints of betrayal and failure. It’s so deflating when you can’t save one, especially if the child is in your life. I’m not into sugarcoating, and I do judgey you for your disregard for data and ethics, but I also feel sorry for you and the baby. When your friends don’t listen it’s so much worse than the unprogressive women on babycenter. I don’t want to rub their faces in it. That’s not my purpose. If they ever figure it out, I can’t say “It’s not your fault.” It kind of is. It totally is. But I feel sorrow for the grief and psychological processes that lay ahead of mothers who “choose” wrong.
I also don’t understand people who don’t research it themselves. I have never just trusted a sole person on an important thing like this!  It’s 2012! Get on the damn Internet and figure it out! Mommas, you  need to listen to your  feelings about your babies!! Doesn’t the heart of a mother tell you to prevent an infants distress and injury? Nothing in your brain says to stick up for your son?
I wonder if this still would go on if parents had to do it themselves?
Who’s gonna’ cut the cord? And the foreskin?”
People online keep calling me judgmental, but i mean if that means i don’t mutilate children’s penises for purely aesthetic purposes,then sign me up. It doesn’t look like an anteater… It looks like a penis.
This is not negotiable, it needs to end.

The rewards are few but joyous. I found myself in a parking lot, trying to rattle off a host of information to an expectant mother, and I could see it in her eyes, she wasn’t gonna do it. She got it and her baby reaps the benefits. It’s a sluggish, graphic, dogma challenging, time consuming, insult attracting, battle to the… life… and I might get a little judgey, but I don’t care about your feelings as much as your child’s.

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