The Politics of Parenting: Time to Wake Up

First, I understand if upon reading this you get defensive if this is a new idea, or contradicts what you have believed most of your life. As mothers we never want to feel like we have done something to harm our children. Our job is to protect them and to teach them what we know and it is difficult when our actions an ideas are challenged.

Our country is not okay. We are sick, getting sicker and cannot ignore the elephant in the room any longer. Our children are plagued with ADHD, Autism, Asthma, allergies, early onset diabetes, obesity, cancer; the list goes on. Pediatrics just reported that from 2002-2005, there was a 103% increase in diabetes medication for children, a 47% increase in asthma medication, a 41% increase in ADHD medication and a 15% increase in high cholesterol medicine. In the next 20 years the cancer rate is going to go up to 75%. We live under the illusion that we have the best health care system in the world.Then why do we rank #37 in healthcare in the world? The U.S. has second worst newborn death rate in the modern world.

 We have fallen victim to mass media and corporations selling us convenience. Corporations aren’t people who care about our families. We are just consumers to them. These corporations are blatantly disregarding the public and planets health. We are ruining the planet, we are stripping it of its resources, while polluting it, and filling the land and oceans with toxic trash. They mass produce animals and their products for consumption with no regard or respect to life. They mass produce toxic oil and spew benzene gas out of refineries and the exhaust from our cars, into the atmosphere and our babies lungs. Benzine is known to cause cancer among other various ailments. We genetically modify crops, and chop down forests. 700 new chemicals a year are being introduced into our products and not being tested by the TSCA whatsoever. There are  no credible product safety measures in place that have not money but the publics and earths best interest at heart. The current state of the world is not healthy and we need to take the power back into the hands of the people.

“A corporation has been endowed with personhood by the Supreme Court. It is not a person but it is run by persons. If the ethical standards of those at the top fail to maintain a certain level of social responsibility, the result is the insidious onset of corporate psychopathic behavior”

I feel like corporations have dehumanized the population of the planet. We as a whole don’t treat ourselves or the planet with any regard to anything but comfort and instant gratification. This behavior appears to spill over into our parenting.The medical- birth industry is the start. Practices such as circumcision, crying it out, and spanking are other obvious examples. Then we disregarded what we put into the child’s body with sub par nutritionally deficient food. We have a government that allows corporations such as Monsanto to continue to exist. They subsidize crops like corn, wheat and soy and then the meat/dairy industry to keep it cheap, and us unhealthy. Continue with the shooting live viruses grown on aborted fetal cells into our children in hopes they gain immunity and don’t gain a mental disorder.Then we put them in little boxes of what boy and girl humans have to be: Pink and Blue, Pink and Blue. We are living in such an unnatural environmental for humans to thrive. We have suffered from extreme value inversions and forgotten what life is about. We have let corporations and the federal reserve system steal from us humanity and force us into a system of slavery called the dollar.

The state of the world doesn’t depress me or intimidate me.There is so much beauty and goodness in the world to marvel at. I know humanity and families can wake up and change everything. I believe mothers love their children so much that when they realize the faults of what we are taught conventionally, that they will do better. I fed my son Soy GMO formula from the day he was born, I didn’t know anything wrong with it. When I found out, I cried and cried, but then I learned from it. Now with my daughter, I have been breastfeeding for 6 months. You learn better, you do better. We as mothers cannot ignore the facts. The way we have been doing things for the last 100 years is not working. We have to look at the implications for humanity if we do not take action through our parenting choices. My top eight things to educate yourself on is something I believe if everyone practiced, we would see such an amazing impact in our childrens lives.

I suggest watching a documentary called “Ethos” it’s award winning and very revealing.

It is on netflix also.

Food Inc. really opened my eyes about the state of our food system.

By Discerning Mommas


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