Top Eight Things We Should Be Educated About as Parents

I hope if you can get anything out of this article it is to question the parenting options and be informed of your choices. Your child relys on you to make educated, mature decisons about their upbringing and health.

1. Childbirth
I am a HUGE natural birth advocate. While I understand some women just want pain relief, or the comfort of the hospital, I urge every woman to at least research and understand the pros and cons of such medical aid. I had two beautiful natural out of hopsital births and my sister had a traumatic midwife hospital experience. I recommend watching the Business of Being Born (its on netflix and easy to find online) I had a doctor before and after watching this twice and crying the whole thing, I prayed for a homebirth. I was angry, I felt betrayed by the medical system and its horrible treatment of the birthing process.

Birth without fear is the BEST resource to educate yourself on empowering your own birth, no matter what route you choose. It is an amazing community of mothers, I urge you to read some birth stories to figure out what is best for you. My second birth went SO much easier because I wasn’t in fear, and I was in control of myself and it made labor progress QUICK. I was informed and empowered. It was spiritual and beautiful. Everything a birth should be.

Here is the whole business of being born documentary

My first child I was ignorant of the importance, and how to breast feed. My Doula the second time around was a godsend as she taught me what I didn’t know. As a mother who formula fed one and breast fed the other, I strongly urge everyone to at least try. I get SO much more sleep because we co sleep and breast feed. No bottles to scrub, no formula to mix up in the midst of a crying baby. Not to mention the bond and nutritional/medicinal value of breastfeeding. It is a beautiful thing nursing your child and watching them grow.It is a-freaking-mazing. There are amazing resources online for all the information you need to make educated decisions about what to feed your child. My big problem with formula is that it is powdered cows milk with synthetic vitamins, and hexane gas(a known narcotic gas) with other questionable ingredients.(Corn syrups, MSG) Breast milk is more than just a dead powdered food product, it is medicinal, nutritional and your baby needs it. Formula is a last resort.I urge mothers to look into breastfeeding, then donation breast milk, then homemade formulas, THEN commercial formulas. I used Natures one organic formula, and it has been brought to my attention that it contains high levels of naturally occurring arsenic. This was the only formula I felt comfortable with, though I wouldn’t feed my child dairy or soy now.Not judging mothers who cannot breastfeed, but I am judging the corporations who don’t have our children health in their best interests.
Here is a page about the marketing of formula

Educate yourself about formula, and its effect on a babys health

Places to find donation milk (WHICH IS EASY and there are plenty of generous mommas that want to help)

There are so many online communites that will come together to feed your baby what it was meant to be fed.

Respect the breast is my favorite go to advice forum on breastfeeding questions

Kelly mom is essential–

3.Vaccines/ Natural Immunity/ Delayed Vaccination
Vaccines are a very touchy debate with many. I am not anti vaccination, I am PRO SAFE vaccination. Which in my research and understanding– ARE NOT.  They have tons of questionable ingredients that I would never inject my precious baby with. But I do understand people want to protect their babies from disease, which I urge you to research vaccine effectiveness, which they are not. The huge thing with vaccines for me is that they use aborted human fetal cells to GROW DISEASES/VIRUSES on. They also use a plethora of other animal tissues in the vaccines.(MONKEY DNA) I freaking object. If you do the research and still want to vaccinate, you should at least consider delayed vaccines or alternative scheduling. There ARE doctors to fit your needs no matter what.Vaccine detox is a great idea if your dead set on vaccinating too. Too many perfect babies are vaccine injured and the parents don’t even KNOW.Then far too many babies are injured and die, or have brain damage, or seizures, or autism(yes there is a connection)

Dr. Mercola is such a good resource for health related issues–(the documentary is worth your time)

Information on animal tissues in vaccines–

Information on vaccine ingredients–

Vaccine injured database-

We have a blog on this and I urge you to read it, read more, and DON’T DO IT. Watch  a video and tell me you think that isn’t genital mutilation. It changes their brain chemistry for life. The foreskin is a functional part of the penis. It contains 70% of nerve endings in the penis. The procedure is cruel and traumatic for the baby, and can cause hemorrhaging,heart attacks,seizures, and death. The claim that ‘they just slept right through it’ is bogus and is actually just the baby in shock. The information is right there all you have to do is want it, and be accepting that the generations before us messed up. Plain and simple it is not your choice to make aesthetic changes to your baby’s penis. It has no medical validity, and is purely for profit of the medical industry. It is genital mutilation, plain and simple.
Dr Momma is my favorite site for information on circumcision–

Circumcison causes life long harm

This is a wonderful community and will answer any questions you have

Again there is SO much research as to why you shouldn’t do this and it is right at your fingertips. Seek the truth.

5. Food additives/Diet
 Although my outlook on food veers very psuedo-vegan-esque-ish (lol) I understand that not everyone wants to or will quit meat and dairy. I urge you to consider researching a little more, and limiting your intake. As heart disease cancer and diabetes are the three biggest killers, I suggest you maybe consider that it is unhealthy and causing diseases in most of the modern world. Either way you pick, 100% of everyone should feed their children as many organic fresh foods as possible. A whole food diet is the key to health. Please reconsider the cheerios chicken fingers childhood, it is frankly out of hand. I grew up on a SAD diet (Standard American Diet) of overly processed meats, cheeses, and sweets(fast food a  plenty) I have fibromyalgia which I think between vaccines, abuse, and a bad diet could have been prevented. Most Americans have candida overgrowth/infections. We are not a healthy country and need to stop ignoring the elephant in the room. It is possible, my son eats a organic whole food diet vegan except honey. He isn’t big on berries, but loves sauteed spinach and asparagus.  Whole foods means no preservatives, or artificial flavorings. Vegetables, beans, quinoa, fruits, nuts, you get the idea. All of these food additives need to be removed from children’s diets, it is causing harm.
Our blog on food-
Food additives linked to behavior problems in children

Why choose whole foods diet?

Great info

6. Household products/Personal Products

Most people nowadays seem obsessed with sanitizing everything, with harsh unnecessary chemicals. With the health epidemics in this country, it cannot be ignored. We are filling our homes with toxic chemicals that our children breath in and touch regularly. This is such a simple solution. BUY VINEGAR, BAKING SODA, AND A STEAM MOP. Seriously. This includes regular dish soap, I would invest in a natural/organic brand that doesn’t have synthetic fragrances(we will talk later about those) Laundry detergent, including baby brands like Dreft, are filled with dioxins,fragrances among other toxic chemicals that irritate baby’s skin. All the mainstream baby soaps are toxic crap. I used to use J&J until I found out because of my sons eczema and I was PISSED when I started researching ingredients and reading labels, get that shit away from me. Both of our kids breaks out from regular soaps and detergents. Our bodies are already being bombarded with enormous amounts of toxins,more than any generation before us. These are simple changes in the products you buy that will eliminate unnecessary strain on your little ones body
Rocking Green is my favorite I have used it for 2 years.It lasts me about 4 months between cloth diapers and a family of 5 for 16$ Beat that, Gain.

Dr bronners is great soap for everyone– Great information on this FAQ

Toxic ingredients in J&J-

Fluoride is toxic and actually hardens teeth so much they become brittle. It is a neurotoxin and should be avoided. I write my mayor regularly about removing it from the water supply. Hitler was the first one to use it to make the people docile, stupid. I recommend finding a better toothpaste. Its not hard to find at most grocery stores now a days.

8.Attachment Parenting and its benefits
I think all the controversy with the TIME magazine article has really just swayed everyone from the truth. Turned it into a sideshow. AP isn’t just about breastfeeding, you can be a formula feeding attachment parent.It is about tuning into the needs of your child, and using instincts to form that child’s emotions into a health happy balanced person. Ignoring your child’s emotional needs, starting with crying it out to sleep, is never healthy for anyone involved. It isn’t spoiling, its human nature between mother and child. There are benefits, and I think its the easier way to parent anyways. It forms children that are emotionally healthy without attachment problems.

Obviously Im going to link Dr. Sears
Are you a problem parent- a must read–
7. Baby wearing

My nephews first time piggy backin’

Plain and simple. ITS FUCKING AWESOME! Dear lord, I love my Ergo. I hate strollers,I actually use a wagon instead. I wore my son until i was 41 weeks pregnant,on my back in my Ergo. Its healthy, its natural. Get a good one that isn’t a crotch dangler they cause hip displaysia, baby carriers are totally worth the money. I have a mesh ring sling for the water and its super cute. Seriously, how long have women been carrying their babies? Remember Africa?! The health benefits are there and it is great to be able to do, well, ANYTHING (remember eating?)
Dr. Sears is down

Seriously consider an Ergo( go on craigslist if it is out of your price range)  Best buy Ever

8.Sexualization of our youth and gender stereotypes

Sexualization happens FAST. All the sudden the baby is born wearing a mini skirt and a cheeta tank top. It limits girls to the confines of princess and pink, and that in turn forms insecure and superficial unhealthy feelings because of the oversexualized of women. We then put boys into a world of violence, skulls and gender stereo types and wonder what is going on with them. It is limiting to everyone and so unhealthy. The ‘pink washing’ of girls merchandise is so out of hand.Colors have no gender! I want my little girl to be able to be a child, not a princess. Princess is for fun, not a lifestyle. My son likes fuzzy things and flowers and tap dancing, and climbing on everything. A family once while I was buying a wooden kitchen for my son said that their son wanted one and wanted to be a chef, but he was a boy so they wouldnt think about buying it. Their are so many examples of gender stereotypes that need to be addressed. We are limiting our children and they are the ones who suffer from it. Pigtail Pals Ball Cap Buddies is my favorite website ever. Her blog is amazing and she is doing the best service for the youth. Her children are witty and full of life, and everything children should be. Check it out!
Peggy o’renstein– Author of Cinderella ate my daughter

Written by Haley–I used the word urge a lot in this article.I should count.

By Discerning Mommas


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