Naomi Aldort, Author of Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves Talks with Organizers!

We are grateful to Naomi Aldort author of Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves for taking a few minutes to speak with us about this event.  Ms. Aldort speaks internationally and her book has been translated into 13 languages.

LOB, HON:  Ms. Aldort, many are skeptical that listening to their baby could have a profound affect on society. What are your thoughts?

Ms. Aldort:  When babies’ primal needs are denied, even in part, they grow up into wounded people. We see the result of painful childhoods and baby care in many adults today. The symptoms of pain show in depression, aggression, crime, addictions, competitiveness, compulsions, dissatisfaction and the creation of wars within and without.
When babies are cared for as nature designed they grow up into deeply connected people and proceed to create a peaceful society, caring of its members in the same way they were cared for. The needs to breastfeed, be in arms, sleep by one’s mother etc., are no some strange mistakes of nature.

There is no mistake for us to fix creation. Creation is right and when we follow the baby’s cues, we raise content babies into children who have no reason to develop aggression or what we call “misbehavior.” How we care for the baby and child, is how that child will care for others.

The reason people are skeptical is because the human mind habitually convinces itself of its own beliefs; it fears change more than anything. The mind believe the lie that a child not controlled and tamed will turn into a wild savage. Reality is the opposite. When the baby is cared for in response to her cues with no denial or stress, continues to relate in this same kind and caring way.

A deeper response to this question can be found on the site:


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