Schedule of Events

This schedule will be updated regularly.  Please check back often.   (Please note all links will be live on the morning that they are scheduled).

Sunday, July 1:  Kick Off

Schedule of Events Posted

Familiarize yourself with the site, events, organizers and consider submitting something!

Monday, July 2:  Thoughts From Others

A Welcome from the Organizers

Cherish Your Babies:  A Poem  by:  The Singing Amma

I Promise:  A Photo by:  Amanda Nitschke from Love For Breastfeeding

*Organizer Contribution:   “Not Easy, Simple” by:  Abby Theuring, The Badass Breastfeeder

Daily Education from Naomi Aldort:  How to Soothe a Crying Baby

Tuesday, July 2: The Circumcision Decision & The US Birth Experience

Today’s posts about circumcision are provided by The Intact Network and Saving Our Sons.

Today’s posts contain particularly difficult information.  We ask you to read them anyway.  Please contact any one of the organizers for support if you are struggling.  Many of us have been there and understand what it is like.

The US Birth Experience from “The Other Side of The Glass”- A video

Culture is The Culprit by:  Ahsley McGee Kim Author of Mama Raw, Director of Intact Houston and Volunteer with Saving our Sons

The Circumcision Decision by: Jennifer Moose, Director for Intact Michigan, Childbirth Educator and Volunteer with Saving Our Sons

Breaking News with Dr. Momma:  British Medical Association Urged to Ban Circumcision

9-10 PM EST Questions About Circumcision:  The directors of The Intact Network on Our Muddy Booots’s Facebook Page to ask any and all questions you have ever wanted to know about circumcision!

*Organizer Contribution: Admitting Parenting Mistakes to Do Better, by: Jennifer Andersen, Our Muddy Boots

Daily Education with Naomi Aldort:  Childhood in Western Culture

Wednesday, July 3:  Let Freedom Ring

Your Voices:  Poignant, honest and informative submissions.

Sign the Declaration from Isolation!

Grab The “Listen to Our Babies, Heal Our Nation” timeline banner (from any of the organizers Facebook Pages) and display it proudly.

Daily Education with Naomi Aldort:  Sleep 

*Organizer Contribution: “When is it Okay to Let Your Child Cry?” Jennifer McGrail of The Path Less Taken explores when it is okay to let your child cry.

Thursday, July 6:  Headline Event

Naomi Aldort Talks with Organizers About Event!

Fussing For a Reason by: Little Hands Talking

Cry It Out:  by: Leticia Kruppenbach

9 -10 pm EST Free Screening of Babyhood: The Film

10-11 PM  EST Q&A With Director, Kate Jengra (Our Muddy Boots’s Facebook Page)

*Organizer Contribution:  “Good Doc Hunting”  by:  Amy Brown of Zen Parenting

Friday, July 7:  There and Here: How is the US different in its approach to caring for its babies?

From a First Time Mother by Kimberly Burns

11:30am-12:30pm CST  Join Mands Glover of “Calling for Greater Transparency from Infant Formula Corporations” for a live Q&A (on The Badass Breastfeeders Facebook Page)

*Organizer Contribution:  Kimberley Price of The Single Crunch

Saturday, July 8:  Your Voices

Your Voices:  More poignant, informative and emotional submissions

Sunday, July 9:  Wrap Up

Your Voices: Poignant, Touching and informativec Contributions

Not Easy, Simple:  The Badass Breastfeeder

Admitting Parenting Mistakes to do Better by:  Our Muddy Boots

When is it okay to Let Your Baby Cry?  by:  Jennifer McGrail

Good Doc Hunting by:  Amy Brown

Be An American Hero:  Stop Spanking Your Children by:  L.R. Knost


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