Submission Guidelines

We are seeking submissions in the following areas:

Moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents, neighbors, citizens… anyone who has a story to share about how or why they came to understand the importance of listening to their babies, why they believe it is important, or how listening to their babies has positively changed their relationship with their children.  Please share written stories, videos, artwork, photographs, quotes, short thoughts… anything that conveys your story.

Knowledgeable individuals who can provide factual information about why we must listen to our babies cries

Artists who can share images of their work that displays the beauty, importance or necessity of listening to our babies in any way (breastfeeding, bedsharing, cuddling, etc)

Bloggers who have written about the importance of listening to our babies- personal experience, documented pieces, projects affecting change, etc.  (Bloggers, please read criteria below and be sure that your blog conforms in its entirety.  The author of a blog that does not meet the criteria is welcome to submit work which will be published anonymously.)


Do you believe that babies:

  • can and should determine when and how often they eat?
  • have sleep needs that are different than our own?
  • that all babies should have the opportunity to breastfeed and that in order to accomplish this we need to change the way we support families?
  • believe that a baby’s cries are their language of communication and must be addressed?

Are you:

  • pro-listening to baby?
  • pro-bedsharing and co sleeping?
  • pro-breastfeeding?
  • pro-anyone who has not parented this way, and wants to change?

Are you:

  • anti-Cry It Out?
  • anti-Sleep Training?
  • anti-scheduled feedings ?
  • anti-circumcision?

We have a very specific and defined goal for this event. It is not to promote our own blogs, other blogs or to network for the sake of either of those things.

The purpose of this event is to humanize babies. We cannot, in good conscience, allow a post from a blog which is anything but anti-cry it out, anti-circumcision, anti-spanking, anti-fear based parenting, anti-sleep training, anti-scheduled feedings, pro-breastfeeding, pro-listening to our babies etc.

This extends beyond the individual submission to the entire blog of the person submitting.

This is not a carnival or blog hop. This is an event for babies. This is not a place for others’ work to be showcased. It is a place for people to learn the “other side of the story”  which mainstream would have us believe is dangerous.

We are not big on diplomacy. In fact, we think it is dangerous and hurts people. There is not room for everybody to submit in this event nor do we support the concept of “to each their own” when it comes to how babies are treated.

It is not important to us that people identify with a particular parenting style, rather that they are anti everything listed above. Each of us screw up in most of the above listed areas daily- we are never looking for perfection; just a desire to know more to do better.

If the above applies to you, please e-mail your submission to:!  We will let you know if your submission has been selected.


3 thoughts on “Submission Guidelines

  1. OK! I have something to submit, but I’d like to email it to you rather than post the whole thing here, how do I do that?

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